Agenda a Chofnodion

Lleoliad: Siambr y Cyngor, Y Pafiliynau, Parc Hen Lofa'r Cambrian, Cwm Clydach, Tonypandy CF40 2XX

Cyswllt: Sarah Handy  01443 424098

Rhif eitem



Derbyn datganiadau o fuddiannau personol gan Gynghorwyr, yn unol â gofynion Cod Ymddygiad y Cyngor.




1.     Mae gofyn i Aelodau ddatgan rhif a phwnc yr agendwm mae eu buddiant yn ymwneud ag ef a mynegi natur y buddiant personol hwnnw; a

2.   Lle bo Aelodau'n ymneilltuo o'r cyfarfod o ganlyniad i ddatgelu buddiant sy'n rhagfarnu, rhaid iddyn nhw roi gwybod i'r Cadeirydd pan fyddan nhw'n gadael.




In accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct, there were no declarations made pertaining to the agenda.



Cofnodion pdf icon PDF 117 KB

Derbyn cofnodion o gyfarfod blaenorol y Pwyllgor Craffu – Cyllid a Chyflawniad a gafodd ei gynnal ar 21 Rhagfyr 2020.



It was RESOLVED to approve the minutes of the XXXX as an accurate reflection of the meeting.



Strategaeth Cyllideb Refeniw ddrafft y Cyngor ar gyfer 2021/22 pdf icon PDF 611 KB

Derbyn cyflwyniad gan y Cyfarwyddwr Gwasanaeth – Gwasanaethau Cyllid a Gwella ac ymgymryd â gwaith cyn y cam craffu ar gynigion mewn perthynas â Strategaeth Cyllideb Refeniw ddrafft y Cyngor ar gyfer 2021/22. 

(Nodwch: Mae'r cyflwyniad i ddilyn ac mae copi o Adroddiad Adborth Cam 1 yr Ymgynghoriad wedi'i atodi.)




The Service Director Performance and Improvement introduced the report to members and gave a presentation to members on the Council’s draft 2021/22 Revenue Budget Strategy. 


Members heard that the consultation period ran from 26th October to 7th December 2020 and 1044 responses were received. 


He highlighted the following areas for members in the presentation:


·       2021/22 Draft Revenue Budget Strategy

·       The Council’s current Financial position 2021/22

·       Feedback from the public on the Budget Consultation that run from 26 October to 7 December 2020

·       Local Government Settlement for 2021/ 22

·       Cabinets proposed Budget Strategy 2021/22 – which included potential implications on the Council Tax, School Budgets, Efficiencies and Fees and Charges

·       Phase two of the Budget Consultation which runs from 29th January to 12th February which includes an online questionnaire, online public meeting, young person’s engagement via social media and online meetings with various stakeholders, including the School Budget Forum.

·       Next Steps and Key Dates – most notably the Budget being submitted to Full Council on the 10th March for approval. 


The Service Director invited general questions before the Committee went into further detail on the specific areas of the budget efficiencies proposed.

The Chairman thanked the Officer and the following questions were raised


The Co-opted member referred to the future changes and legislative requirement in relation to ALN due to proposed amendments to the Bill.  He asked if these referred to central costs or Schools budgets


The Service Director advised that the proposed Budget Strategy proposes   £500,000 to support planning for Additional Learning Needs which is currently being held as a Local Education Authority Budget but it is likely that the future requirements will fall on the schools and the Local Authority to implement changes, therefore the Authority will work closely with schools to determine the future requirements. 


The Co-opted member referred to ALN virements and asked if this was in relation to the recently announced Transformation Grant funding of up to £1000 from Central South Consortium or if this was additional funding from elsewhere. 


The Service Director replied that the budget modelling had built in a pay award provision but that has subsequently been released in line with the UK Government Spending Review.  This has aided the Authority to set a balanced budget for next year and some of this can go towards creating a budget for ALN.  He added that any other specific grants would sit outside of this budget.


The Head of Finance confirmed that the ALN transformation grant is separate to what the Service Director referred to.  Schools had been informed that they can access different grants if specific training is undertaken.


A member referred to the General Fund Balances which currently stood at £8.07M with plans to replenish to £10M over the next 3 years was a good idea and if this was an audit set requirement.


The Service Director responded that the £10M was an organisation based calculation and no specific formula was applied.  He added that it was a  ...  view the full Cofnodion text for item 32.


Adroddiad Canol Blwyddyn Cylch Rheoli’r Trysorlys 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 103 KB

Trafod adroddiad y Cyfarwyddwr Gwasanaethau Cyllid a Digidol.


Dogfennau ychwanegol:


The Head of Finance – Education and Financial Reporting gave an update to members on the Treasury Management information which was presented to Council on 25th November 2020. Members were updated on the following:


·       The Council’s Treasury Management activity during the first six months of 2020/21; and

·       Prudential and Treasury Indicators for the same period



A Member asked if potential negative interest rates in the near future would impact on the Authority. 


The Head of Finance replied that this wouldn’t impact on existing borrowing as this was fixed interest rates, just potential investments in the future.  She added that the Authority was maximising the use of capital it has to reduce risks on the interest receivable.  She advised that the council is currently earning very little on cash balances but would continue to monitor this situation


The Co-Opted Member asked if there was any flexibility around the Public Works Loan Board, he noted that the rate was preferable but asked if there was flexibility for the Council to move in and out of the commitments.


The Head of Finance advised that if the Authority enter into Long Term Borrowing it was very expensive to redeem early so we have to be comfortable with the rates.  She added that when PWLB recalculated the rates it was to the detriment of the Council.  She advised members that now when we temporally borrow for shorter period of times, it would be from other local authorities which are cheaper than the PWLB rates.


RESOLVED: Members noted the content of the report



Adolygiad o Raglen Waith y Pwyllgor Craffu ar faterion Cyllid a Chyflawniad ar gyfer 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 84 KB

Bydd Aelodau'r Pwyllgor Craffu – Cyllid a Chyflawniad yn trafod y Rhaglen Waith ar gyfer 2020/21.



Dogfennau ychwanegol:


The Service Director Democratic Services presented the report to members for them to agree their Forward Work Programme until April 2021. 


He highlighted the requirement for the Forward Work Programme to remain flexible and agree that changes may need to be made at short notice due to current commitments of council officers.


Resolved: Members noted the contents of the report and agreed the Draft Forward Work Programme attached at Appendix 1



Adolygiad y Cadeirydd a dod â'r cyfarfod i ben

Adlewyrchu ar y cyfarfod a'r camau gweithredu i'w dwyn ymlaen.



The Chairman asked if members could have sight of any future presentations in advance of the meeting.



Materion Brys

Trafod unrhyw faterion sydd, yn ôl doethineb y Cadeirydd, yn faterion brys yng ngoleuni amgylchiadau arbennig







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