Agenda a Chofnodion

Lleoliad: Siambr y Cyngor, Y Pafiliynau, Parc Hen Lofa'r Cambrian, Cwm Clydach, Tonypandy CF40 2XX

Cyswllt: Sarah Handy  01443 424098

Rhif eitem




An apology of absence was received from County Borough Councillor J Williams.


Minute's Silence


Members undertook a minute’s silence in memory of His Royal Highness, the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.  


Datganiadau o Fuddiant

Derbyn datganiadau o fuddiannau personol gan Gynghorwyr, yn unol â gofynion Cod Ymddygiad y Cyngor.




  1. Mae gofyn i Aelodau ddatgan rhif a phwnc yr agendwm mae eu buddiant yn ymwneud ag ef a mynegi natur y buddiant personol hwnnw; a

2.    Lle bo Aelodau'n ymneilltuo o'r cyfarfod o ganlyniad i ddatgelu buddiant

sy'n rhagfarnu, rhaid iddyn nhw roi gwybod i'r Cadeirydd pan fyddan nhw'n gadael.


In accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct, there were no declarations made pertaining to the agenda.



Cofnodion pdf icon PDF 201 KB

Derbyn cofnodion cyfarfod blaenorol y Pwyllgor Craffu - Cyllid a Chyflawniad a gafodd ei gynnal 15 Mawrth 2021.


It was RESOLVED to approve the minutes of the XXXX as an accurate reflection of the meeting.



Dolenni Ymgynghori

Gwybodaeth mewn perthynas ag ymgynghoriadau perthnasol i'w hystyried gan y Pwyllgor.


The Chair referenced the consultation links, which were available through the ‘RCT Scrutiny’ website. Members were reminded that information is provided in respect of relevant consultations for consideration by the Committee, which are circulated on a monthly basis.



Strategaeth a Chynllun Gweithredu Cyflogaeth a Sgiliau Rhondda Cynon Taf 2019-2021 pdf icon PDF 951 KB

Derbyn diweddariad mewn perthynas â Strategaeth Cyflogaeth a Sgiliau'r Cyngor a'i Gynllun Gweithredu


The Service Director Community Services presented a Power Point presentation outlining the Employment and Skills Strategy 2019/2021 under the following headings:


Ø  Where we were/where do we want to be/How do we get there?

Ø  Delivering on Priorities

Ø  Provision

Ø  Delivery During Lockdown

Ø  Support for Employers

Ø  Impact of Provision on Customers

Ø  Looking Ahead – Challenges

Ø  Impact of COVID-19 on Employment

Ø  Looking Ahead – Opportunities


The presentation was accompanied by a video which demonstrated how a Communities for Work participant received the appropriate support to work in the care sector and how this support was provided.


Following the presentation, the Service Director responded to a number of queries regarding the impact of Covid-19 on the level of support provided to enable young people to access and retain jobs in the county borough and beyond. The Service Director explained that the Council’s Youth Engagement and Participation Service has targeted support and youth work provision over the last twelve months as the impact of Covid-19 on this age group has been significant. The Council provide a range of employment schemes and promote its Graduate and Apprenticeship Schemes which offer a wealth of opportunities to young people to gain and retain employment with the local authority. In addition, schemes such as the DWP Kickstart programme are available for 16-24-year olds. The Service Director advised that collaboration between the ten South East Wales Regions will provide joint support and funding such as the Shared Prosperity Fund which focuses on increasing productivity, inclusive and sustainable growth, economic development and employment/skills support.


A discussion ensued regarding the support available to those on the shielding list during the pandemic, the Service Director Community Services provided an update on the means by which residents who were shielding were approached and contacted with offers of support based on information supplied by the Health Board. Many personal accounts of the process were relayed, and Members sought clarification as to whether there would be a review in the future highlighting the mechanisms that worked well and lessons learned. The Service Director reported that the Community Support Steering Group had undertaken some work which has identified key issues and challenges through its work with partners.


The Service Director advised that consideration of pathways into other employment provisions to meet the new green economy and technological advances will be consideration going forward and reviewed by the Council. This will ensure that changes in the labour market and those that require higher skills will be considered addressed by the Adult Community Services and its partners.


Committee requested further information be circulated following the meeting such as the numbers of Graduates that acquire employment with the County Borough and the estimated ESF Grant Value for 2021-22.



Following further discussions, it was RESOLVED to note the information contained within the presentation.




Trafod adroddiad Cyfarwyddwr y Gwasanaethau Cyllid a Digidol. pdf icon PDF 3 MB

Trafod Adroddiad Cyflawniad y Cyngor ar gyfer y Trydydd Chwarter.


The Service Director, Performance and Improvement presented Members with the Quarter 3 Council Performance Report to the 31st December 2020.


The report included information in respect of revenue and capital budget performance; Treasury Management prudential indicators; Organisational Health information including staff turnover, sickness and Council strategic risks; and Corporate Plan priority action plan updates (including investment updates).


The Service Director provided the Committee with an overview of the key information included within the report in respect of financial data and progress against the Council’s Corporate Plan priorities as well as signposts to other reports presented to committees during the period. Committee was referred to the Executive Summary which provided information relating to the Revenue Budget Performance, projected as £1.049M overspend at Quarter 3. Committee was advised that the full year projection of additional costs and income losses associated with Covid 19 will continue to be fully funded by Welsh Government through its Covid Hardship Fund. The Council is working closely with Welsh Government Officials to ensure it recovers all eligible additional costs and losses.


The Service Director advised of some of the key areas within the subsequent sections within the report such as the key pressures continue within the demand led services particularly within Adult Social Care and Children Services. He also reported that work is ongoing across all council service areas with the aim of reducing the underspend position and bringing the Council’s revenue budget position in line with budget.


The Service Director provided a summary of the Capital Programme at Quarter 3 which is £57M against a total budget for the year of £108M, representing a 53% completion rate and comparative with a similar position last year. The Service Director advised on some key areas of investment such as Llys Cadwyn and Coedely Business Unit which focus on regeneration, continued investment in infrastructure through highways and structural improvements, a continued focus on vulnerable clients with regards to disabled facilities grants and investment in schools across the county borough. A number of grant approvals have also been built into the Capital Programme.


The Service Director reported that the Council’s turnover of sickness absence, which excludes Covid related sickness absence, is 3.84% which represents an improved position overall from previous years. He added that the Council continues to provide specific support to areas such as Adult Social Care, a service area which has a number of challenging circumstances in which staff continue to work.


The Service Director advised that section 4 sets out the Councils Strategic Risk Register, which has been updated. He confirmed that risk 25, which relates to the financial implications of the Covid-19 Pandemic, has been included due to Committee’s request as part of the scrutiny of the Quarter 2 Performance report. Section 5 covers the Corporate Plan priority progress updates together with the inclusion of summary progress updates and electronic links to more detailed action plans.


The Service Director explained that the purpose of the narrative is to provide a balanced picture of progress, within  ...  view the full Cofnodion text for item 53.



Trafod adroddiad Cyfarwyddwr y Gwasanaethau Cyllid a Digidol. 


The report of the Service Director Democratic Services & Communications provided Members with the opportunity to scrutinise the 2021/22 Capital Strategy Report and 2021/22 Treasury Management Strategy Report which were both approved by Council on the 10th March 2021.


The Head of Finance, Education and Financial Reporting presented the contextual information which impacts upon Treasury Management decisions having it’s purpose and content defined by the Prudential Code for Capital Finance in Local Government.


The Head of Finance, Education and Financial Reporting advised that the report references the 3 year capital programme, also approved by full Council on 10th March, of just over £116M. Of this investment, £33M is funded by borrowing, the remainder being funded by other sources such as grants, capital receipts, third party contributions or revenue contributions. Key considerations for Treasury Management include the value and timing of the Council’s borrowing.


It was reported that the Council pays due regard to three key areas when setting the Capital Programme, that plans are affordable, sustainable and prudent, as defined by the Prudential Code and indicators are set to assist with this process (as set out within the report). It was further clarified that within these indicators, the Authorised Limit is set which prohibits any borrowing beyond this limit. Indicators are monitored, reported and scrutinised in the half year and full year Treasury Management Reports and also reported in the quarterly performance reports.


The Head of Finance, Education and Financial Reporting presented the Treasury Management Strategy which set out the Council’s borrowing strategy, investment strategy and Minimum revenue provision (MRP) strategy.


In presenting the Strategy, committee was advised that in November 2020 HM Treasury reduced the rates of the Public Works Loans Board (PWLB) by 1%, thereby reversing the previous increase in October 2019 which has enabled improved affordability for capital programmes. Clarification was provided regarding the Council’s borrowing requirement to fund the 21/22 capital programme, which 

is currently £19.3M. It will continue to maximise its internal borrowing from other public bodies on a short-term basis which proves more cost effective and reduces the counterparty risk.


The Head of Finance, Education and Financial Reporting explained that the PWLB are now no longer able to lend to local authorities who are planning to buy investment assets primarily for profit or solely for exploiting commercial gains. This Council’s risk averse approach ensures that any investments are subject to considerations of security, liquidity and finally yield (return) and the cash investments will continue to be held with other public sector bodies or the government’s own Debt Management Office. The Head of Finance, Education and Financial Reporting advised that this approach is supplemented by approving lending to organisations where appropriate due diligence is undertaken, and security arrangements put in place and currently £6.65M is invested in such arrangements.


In conclusion, the Head of Finance, Education and Financial Reporting drew Members attention to the policy approved by Council on Minimum Revenue Provision (MRP)and explained that these loans need to be repaid over time  ...  view the full Cofnodion text for item 54.


Trafod cadarnhau’r cynnig isod yn benderfyniad:-

“Bod y cyfarfod hwn yn cadw aelodau o'r wasg ac aelodau o'r cyhoedd allan o ystafell y cyfarfod, dan Adran 100A(4) o Ddeddf Llywodraeth Leol 1972 (fel y'i diwygiwyd), yn ystod trafod yr agendwm nesaf, ar y sail y byddai'n debygol o olygu datgelu gwybodaeth eithriedig yn ôl diffiniad paragraff 14 o Ran 4 o Atodlen 12A o'r Ddeddf.”


RESOLVED – “That the press and public be excluded from the meeting under Section 100A(4) of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended) for the following items of business on the grounds that they involve the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in Paragraph 14 of Part 4 of Schedule 12A of the Act”.




Cynllun Rheoli Asedau Corfforaethol

Derbyn cyflwyniad gan Gyfarwyddwr Eiddo'r Cyngor.



The Director of Corporate Services presented his report which set out progress against the key themes of the Corporate Asset Management Plan 2018/23.


Following consideration of the plan which provides a coordinated strategic

approach to the management of the Council’s property assets to deliver benefits

to the Council, it was RESOLVED to acknowledge the content of the report. 








Adolygiad y Cadeirydd a dod â'r cyfarfod i ben

Adlewyrchu ar y cyfarfod a'r camau gweithredu i'w dwyn ymlaen.



The Chair reminded members that any requested information would be circulated in due course via the Scrutiny Support Officer.


As this was the last meeting of the Finance & Performance Scrutiny Committee for the 2020/21 Municipal Year, the Chair extended his thanks to Lead Officers and members of the Committee particularly to his Vice Chair, Councillor G Thomas for his support and guidance.